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Balenciaga Cotton Face Masks Washable face covering masks

our shop black cloth Balenciaga chanel gucci lv dior celine loewe face mask is washable and reusable. You can hand-wash/machine-wash and wear the burbbery cotton face mask for many times, that saves more money and protects the environment.

Balenciaga Cotton Face Masks Washable face covering masks Gesichtsmaske

Balenciaga Cotton Face Masks Washable face covering masks

Made of 100% quality cotton, it is very comfortable and pleasant to wear. It does not contain any substances that are harmful or dangerous to health.

It is suitable for machine washing, with a 60° C setting. You can also iron on the back, which allows you to use it repeatedly. For added comfort, it is advisable to reshape the mask while the fabric is wet. The use of whiteners is not recommended in order to preserve all its qualities for as long as possible.

Balenciaga recycled materials face mask with design for kids  adults,black mask fabric Breathable Luxury,Unisex Face Masks  

It adapts to all face shapes, while guaranteeing a perfect fit, thanks to its stretchy loops and small darts on the chin. It is made from a single, supple jersey.

As the mask signed Build Your Brand is in solid color, you can customize it. You can, for example, print your brand or company logo on it.

The color of the prints and fabric may fade after several washes.

gucci Washable face masks Masque Gesichtsmaske

gucci inspired Masque masks face covering with Elastic Earloop Mask Protect Health, the north face guccu cloth mask Gesichtsmasken For Kids Adult came with adjustable nose bridge wire and elastic earloops. You can adjust the safety mask according to your


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